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Metamorphosis, By Frank Kafka - 941 Words

In the book, Metamorphosis, Frank Kafka tells the story of a dysfunctional family that becomes even more dysfunctional when their son, Gregor, transforms into a cockroach. Before and after his transformation, Gregor has a variety of identity and self-esteem issues. Through his transformation, many of these issues are maximized. He begins to not know who he is anymore, and he is disgusted by the fact that he has turned into a hideous creature, both figuratively and literally. This is demonstrated when he has woken up after turning into a cockroach with an itch. After he tries to scratch his itch, he notices one of his many insect legs and is revolted by the truth. The immensity of his disgust is portrayed in his reaction to his transformation into a bug. He does not react how most people would if they woke up one morning to find that they have been turned into what most would consider the world’s most repulsive insect. Instead of waking up in a panic, he simply reflects on his life as a human and how monotonous it was. In this reflection, it becomes clear that his family is codependent on him. Codependency is a major concern, and it should be addressed. When someone is codependent, it means that they do not have a healthy sense of togetherness (codependence) and individuality (disconnection). Individuality is defined as the ability for a person to independently stand on their own two feet, while togetherness is the relationship with other people, which often can be enmeshed,Show MoreRelatedMetamorphosis by Frank Kafka875 Words   |  4 PagesFrank Kafka’s short story Metamorphosis involves an element of horror derived from the unchallenged acceptance provided by everyone, including Gregor himself to his transformation into a vermin- cockroach. Kafka, renowned for his surrealism, tries to create a universe where a seemingly unrealistic reality containing chaos, corruption and immorality, is in fact reality, and an actually consistent perception of the truly horrid nature of human existence under the influence of society. Set against theRead MoreThe Metamorphosis By Frank Kafka849 Words   |  4 PagesThe Metamorphosis is a s hort novella written by Frank Kafka during the 20th century Modernism period. The Modern period introduced technological advances like the steam engine; the telephone and telegraph connected humans from different regions and help improve the human experience. Although the increase of these technological devices led to an improvement of the human condition it also led to the production of dangerous weapons and modern warfare. Global conflicts ravaged modern life due to increasingRead More The Metamorphosis- Critical Essay718 Words   |  3 Pages Frank Kafka is considered one of the most influential writers of all time. Helmut Richter would agree with this statement. Richter agreed that Kafka was a very prominent figure in world literature and was amazed by his mechanics and word usage. I feel that his essay is supportive of Kafka’s writing, but also leaves out many important details in its brevity. Richter did not include Kafka’s flaws and tendencies in his essay. Helmut Richter analyzed the plot of The Metamorphosis in his essay. He depictsRead MoreExploration of the Common Ground Occupied by the Metamorphosis and the Wasp Factory.996 Words   |  4 PagesMetamorphosis by Franz Kafka explores the troubles of a young man named Gregor. The Wasp Factory explores the troubles of a young man named Frank. In Metamorphosis, the protagonist in the story is Gregor Samsa. He is a travelling salesman who awakes one morning to discover he has turned into an insect. It seems that Gregors only use purpose in life is to work and support his family; this seems his own concern when he finds himself as an insect. The next train went at seven oclock; to catchRead MoreMetamorphosis Psychoanalysis1630 Words   |  7 PagesBryan Leung Professor Feindert ENGWR 301 9 April 2014 A Psychoanalytical Criticism of The Metamorphosis The deeper meaning of â€Å"The Metamorphosis†, by Frank Kafka, can be interpreted in many ways depending on critical theory is used to examine it. From a feminist criticism, one can observe how Gregor’s dominance as a male diminishes after he becomes a bug as his sister’s strength and role in the family grows stronger. From a biographical criticism, one can compare and contrast the traits of GregorRead MoreThe True Metamorphosis1356 Words   |  6 PagesThe True Metamorphosis The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka offers much to be critiqued, including the reason why Gregor Samsa was transformed into a hideous beetle. The truth is Gregor had put himself into a position of demise long ago. Over the years, he had worked himself into both physical and mental exhaustion. Gregor was the sole provider, and eventually his family grew less appreciative of him. His relationship with his family had gone south. They were no longer as close, and it were asRead MoreExistentialism By Frank Kafk Isolation And Desperation1207 Words   |  5 PagesExistentialism can be defined in a multitude of forms. Frank Kafka was a prominent, influential German-language writer of novels and short stories; one of which includes The Metamorphosis. His distinguishing philosophy of existentialism consists of two main concepts: isolation and desperation. The notion of alienation is a fundamental theme that is condensed throughout the short story. Gregor Samsa, main character and protagoni st of The Metamorphosis, goes through a complete physical transfiguration thatRead MoreAnalysis Of Franz Kafka s The Metamorphosis1500 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"In the morning†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ verminous bug.† In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, the opening sentence introduces the main character, event and the setting. Gregor Samsa is one of the only two characters who are addressed by name, this reflects his importance in the story because he is the protagonist and he plays a central role in the lives of his family and friends. Besides introducing the central character, this opening line has a dramatic impact on readers. It draws the reader straight to Gregor Samsa’sRead MoreMetamorphosis By Frank Kafk The Transformation Of The Rest Of His Family1651 Words   |  7 Pagesenvironment, on financial issues and social status; briefly, we are dependent creatures, where we depend on one level to another. In Metamorphosis by â€Å"Frank Kafka†, there are some major actions, transformations, and explanations that are dramatic events in this novella. The transformation of Gregor Samsa leads to the transformation of the rest of his family. Gregor’s metamorphosis into an enormous insect and the thoughts, the replications and feelings this deep change causes in him on the first day. Gregor’sRead MoreThe Most Influential Writers Of The Twentieth Century1806 Words   |  8 PagesThrough out Frank Kafka’s life he wrote many German novels and short stories. Kafka has been known to be one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. From Kafka’s writing he shows that what we go through influences in our life influences what we write and how we write and that sometimes the things we go through are so hard that we need to write in allegory. He was born on July 3, 1883 in Bohemia. He was born into a middle class German speaking Jewish family and was the eldest of

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